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Nursing Home vs Home Care: Which Is Best?

Choosing between a nursing home and home care for your elderly loved one? Let us help at Gallagher Home Care, Pittsburgh’s...


Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

Gallagher Home Care provides exceptional care to seniors while they keep their independence. Here are some fun activities ...


How to Help Your Senior Through Seasonal Sadness

Many seniors experience loneliness as the cold weather limits outdoor activities. Gallagher offers a list of things you ca...


National Diabetes Month: Living With Diabetes FAQ

In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, we’ve answered 4 frequently asked questions about Diabetes.


Benefits of Short-Term Respite Care

Caring for your loved one alone can be a struggle, so we’ve outlined 4 benefits of respite care. Take a well-deserved brea...


How to Make Your Grandparents Feel Special

In honor of this Grandparents’ Day this month, here’s how you can make them feel special this month and all year round.​​


Why Seniors Shouldn’t Skip Their Eye Exam

August is National Eye Exam Month, celebrate by making sure your loved one gets their eyes checked!


Too Much Sun For Seniors: 4 Tips for Summer Safety

It’s time to enjoy the summer sun, but don’t forget to protect your loved ones!


Men’s Health Month: Tips For Older Men

Americans overall are living longer, but men still aren’t living quite as long as women. Our latest blog explores simple b...