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Safety Tips For Seniors Living Alone

At Gallagher Home Care Services, we provide personal care services for seniors who prefer to live at home. Here are some ...


Companionship for Seniors: Why Is It So Important?

Seniors often feel lonely and isolated. Home companions at Gallagher Home Care provide meal preparation, housekeeping, and...


Beat the Heat: 8 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

At Gallagher Home Care Services, we've put together a list of 8 hot weather safety tips for seniors. Living across the gre...


When Is It Time to Consider Assisted Living for Your Loved One?

Is it time to start taking care of a parent at home? Gallagher Home Care services can help. Here are some signs that it mi...


Nursing Home vs Home Care: Which Is Best?

Choosing between a nursing home and home care for your elderly loved one? Let us help at Gallagher Home Care, Pittsburgh’s...


Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors

Gallagher Home Care provides exceptional care to seniors while they keep their independence. Here are some fun activities ...


How to Help Your Senior Through Seasonal Sadness

Many seniors experience loneliness as the cold weather limits outdoor activities. Gallagher offers a list of things you ca...


National Diabetes Month: Living With Diabetes FAQ

In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, we’ve answered 4 frequently asked questions about Diabetes.