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woman with elderly man in wheelchair

Respite Care for Seniors and Family Caregivers - Pittsburgh, PA

Studies show that 40% of seniors ages 65 and up require some day-to-day assistance, and 70% will in the future. We know life can be stressful and demanding, both for those acting as caregivers and for elderly patients who prefer to live comfortably at home. As your elderly in-home care specialists, the team at Gallagher Home Health Services is committed to providing award-winning, customized care for seniors at home in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas.


Our respite care service is an excellent option for caregiving family members to find the time they need to manage personal affairs without sacrificing the level of care their elderly loved ones need. This will ensure your ill or aging family member receives the care they need - and that you receive the time to manage your affairs without worry.

Your journey always begins with a free in-home evaluation to determine the perfect custom plan for you and your loved one.

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FAQs on Respite Caregiver Services: 

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a part-time relief service that provides support to caregiving family members when they need it, as opposed to 24/7 care. Respite care makes it possible to ensure your ill or aging family member receives the care they need to remain independent while gaining the time to manage your affairs without worry.

What are standard Respite Caregivers qualifications in Pittsburgh, PA?

All of the Respite Caregiving staff at Gallagher Home Care are either Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), qualifying them to support you and your loved one at every level.

What duties can Respite Caregivers perform?

Our knowledgeable Respite Care team can offer a full array of monitoring services, including medication management. As with every service Gallagher Home Care provides, you and your loved one’s plan will be personalized and tailored specifically to your needs, giving you peace of mind that care will stay consistent while you are away.