shutterstock_316367753-1.jpeg (shutterstock_316367753-1.webp)Since Grandparents Day was this month, it’s the perfect time of year to show your grandparents just how much you appreciate them. Grandparents teach us life lessons and are there for us when we need them. Their presence in our families should be celebrated. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 ways your kids can show their grandparents how special they are to them.

1. Trade Stories

Grandparents have lived long before their grandchildren, thus they have plenty of stories to tell! Have your child ask their grandparents about their lives, and your loved ones will be happy their grandchild has taken such an interest in them. It could be helpful to have them prepare specific questions that they are curious about.

2. Make a List of Why You Appreciate Them

Have your child write a list of the things they love and appreciate about their grandparent. Something simple like writing down the things they like to do together, or their favorite songs their grandparent sings to them can show how much they enjoy spending time with their grandparent.

3. Make a Photo Album

Browsing through a photo book or phone album of photos of the family together can be a great bonding experience. The two can reminisce about the times they had in the photos and gain a greater appreciation for one another.

4. Go to The Doctor With Them

Something as minor as accompanying a grandparent to the doctor shows how much a grandchild cares. Even though it’s a routine task, a grandparent will appreciate feeling like they aren’t alone. If the grandparent in your child’s life has a medical complication, it can also be helpful for you to accompany them and speak with their doctor to clear up any confusion your loved one may have.

5. Ask Them For Advice

Grandparents have years of experience and wisdom under their belt. If your child is struggling with something, have them ask their grandparent for advice. Your child may find that they have more in common with their grandparents than they realized as they may have dealt with similar dilemmas growing up. Grandparents love to feel helpful, and this will show them that they are needed!

6. Set Up a Routine Phone Call or Video Chat

It’s very common for grandparents to joke about their children and grandchildren not calling enough, but they really do love to stay connected with the family as it can get lonely being an empty nester. Even though life can get busy, making time to talk on the phone or video chat with the grandparents can let them know you’re thinking of them.

7. Ask Them to Teach Their Skills

Your older loved ones may have some great skills and hobbies that they can pass down. Whether it’s cooking the family recipe or sewing, have your child ask them to teach it to them. This could become an activity that they do together for the rest of their lives.

8. Ask if You Can Help Them With Chores in Their House

After your elderly parents have spent much of their lives cleaning and providing for your household, return the favor! Call ahead before a visit and ask if there is anything you and your children can do to help them clean up the house, or if they need any groceries, etc. Things like this can make grandparents feel supported and cared for.

9. Teach Them Some Technology

Even though they may make fun of your generation’s use of technology, many grandparents enjoy learning to use it. Something that seems mundane to you, like using your smartphone, can be a delightful experience for them. This can be a great bonding experience for your child and their grandparent as well. Have your child show them how to text, or to play their favorite phone game.

10. Visit Them

Finally, make an effort to visit the grandparents in your family as often as you can. They love to see their children and grandchildren, and it will bring all of you closer together. Make visiting your grandparents a priority so that they know you care for them as much as they care for you!

Grandparents are incredibly valuable to a family and this is the perfect time to show them just how important they are. Whether it’s watching your kids while you’re at work or being the life of the family party, grandparents bring joy and comfort to our lives. This time of year, and all year round, honor your grandparents by making them feel special. If you can’t make it out to your parents’ home often, or if they need assistance, Gallagher Home Care offers services like companionship and respite care for your elderly loved one’s needs.

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