shutterstock_769618174_8YrNx6wValentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and connection, made only more special by that love being shared for decades. Senior couples have the most reason to celebrate a lifetime’s worth of love, care, and support. If your senior has lost a spouse or feels lonely, there are many things you can do to cheer them up. While older adults may not be able to go out on the town like they used to, there are still plenty of things they can do to enjoy their special day. That’s why we’ve outlined five ways you can help your senior loved ones celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

  1. 1. Make Valentine’s Day Cards

    Arts and crafts are a great way for seniors to have fun, express their individuality and stimulate creativity. Making Valentine’s Day cards or decorations can allow seniors to bond with one another while doing an enjoyable, safe activity. Making these crafts only requires a few supplies and not much effort, so they are a perfect choice.

    If your elderly loved one needs help with things like cutting, gluing, or painting, you can use prepared materials to avoid any frustration throughout the process. Your seniors can make crafts for each other, for their grandkids, and you can make some for them. Not only is this activity fun and engaging, but it offers a thoughtful, endearing gift for someone once they are finished.

  2. 2. Make a Scrapbook

    Making a scrapbook is a perfect way for seniors to remind each other just how much they mean to one another. Putting together a scrapbook filled with family photos, old letters, trinkets, and more can greatly enhance their mood. It will be nice for your seniors to reminisce on happy times and celebrate their bond. This can also be a helpful exercise for a senior who has lost a spouse, as they can revisit their favorite memories of their late loved one.

    To help your seniors make their scrapbooks, you can pre-arrange photos and whatever else you would like to be included. This way, they won’t have to spend the time looking through old boxes for photos and postcards, and won’t risk injury or negative emotions on their day of celebration.

  3. 3. Bake Valentine’s Day Treats

    Heart-shaped treats are a staple for many people on Valentine’s Day. Baking festive cookies, cupcakes, and more can be a great activity for your seniors, but they may need a bit of help. Preparing a special treat for the occasion can bring couples joy to cook together, or cheer up a senior who’s feeling lonely.

    Be sure to use healthy ingredients like unsweetened cocoa powder, low-fat butter, and other substitutes that adhere to your senior’s healthy diet. If you aren’t able to help your loved one bake their treats, a home health aide can assist them in the process. If your seniors won’t enjoy a day of cooking, you can also take them out to dinner to enjoy their favorite meal.

  4. 4. Watch a Romantic Movie

    Watching old romantic movies is a great way to spark romance between senior partners, or put a lonely senior into a good mood. Romantic movies or romantic comedies can bring positive emotions and evoke fond memories. The movie may even bring up pleasant conversations about the past as your senior reminisces. Help your loved ones take a trip down memory lane by watching a classic love story from their time.

  5. 5. Go to a Senior Dance

    Many senior centers host dances or mingling events on Valentine’s Day. The events often begin and end at an earlier time, so they won’t keep seniors out too late. Taking your older adult to an event like this can be the perfect way to get them to socialize and have a great time. If your senior has no mobility issues, they will welcome the opportunity to go dance and mingle with others.

    Whether your loved one is in a happy couple or feels lonely this year, engaging in activity with other seniors and having a night out will bring them joy on this special day. Encourage your active senior to embrace the experience to feel a sense of community with others like them. If you are not able to accompany your senior to the dance, a companion can escort them where they need to go.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to reminisce on the love you have shared over the years. Your elderly loved ones have the most reason to celebrate as they have lived a long life with the opportunity to share as much love as possible. If you are unable to assist your loved one during this time, let Gallagher Home Care help with personal care services, companionship, and more.

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