Summer Fun in RecoveryWatching your parents age can be tough, but it's even harder when you have to decide whether or not to put them in a nursing home. Many people feel immense gratitude for the upbringing their parents provided for them, and they want to be able to offer the same care and compassion to their now-elderly parents. Your aging loved one is likely a top priority, and you want to ensure that they're receiving the best possible care.

Oftentimes, care is better received at home with the help of in-home care services rather than in elderly living facilities. With home-based care, older adults can remain in the comfort of their own homes while getting the special care they need. If you are currently debating how to best care for your aging loved one, we've listed five reasons why home care could be the better option.

  1. 1. Aging In Place Lets Them Maintain A Sense Of Normalcy

    One of the main reasons that people choose to keep their elderly loved ones at home instead of placing them in a nursing home is that it allows them to maintain a sense of normalcy. your aging parent can stay in their own home, surrounded by familiar family members and community members. They can also continue to do the daily activities they enjoy, helping them to feel a sense of purpose and maintain their independence. Additionally, aging in place can be less stressful than moving to a new environment, which can be disruptive and confusing for older adults. Ultimately, keeping an elderly loved one at home can provide them with a greater sense of comfort and familiarity.

  2. 2. There Are Fewer Cleanliness And Safety Concerns

    While nursing homes are not necessarily unclean, it is difficult to keep surfaces clean and free of contaminants at all times. With such a large population of residents in close quarters, it is not always possible to clean every surface as often as needed. This can lead to health problems for residents, especially those with weakened immune systems.

    It's also important to note that nursing homes have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19. Older adults are especially at risk for the virus, as their immune systems may not be as strong in their old age. This can lead to a great deal of anxiety and stress for both residents and their families.

    By contrast, at home, you can take steps to reduce the risk of infection by regularly cleaning surfaces and making home modifications to make it easier for your loved one to get around. While there is no guarantee that your aging loved one will be safe from all risks at home, keeping them at home can help to reduce many of the concerns about their health and safety.

  3. 3. It's Better For Their Mental Health

    Keeping your aging loved one at home can be significantly easier on their mental health. Nursing homes, while an essential resource for many, can be impersonal and lonely places. Living in that environment can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety, which is common in older adults with dementia. Being able to stay in one's own home, surrounded by familiar faces and belongings, can help to ease some of these negative feelings.

    Additionally, nursing homes can be very chaotic places, which can be stressful for those with dementia or other cognitive impairments. However, at home, your loved one will be able to maintain a sense of peace and dignity. With the right support, they can continue to live in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

  4. 4. It's More Affordable

    According to the American Health Care Association, nursing homes have incurred significant costs since COVID-19, which could lead to an increase in out-of-pocket pay that is not covered by Medicare. Home-based care is often seen as a more affordable option than nursing home care and can be just as effective in providing quality care and assistance.

    Home-based care services for seniors are more affordable and can help them stay in their homes longer. Home care offers flexibility that nursing homes cannot, as there are many options available to fit your budget. For instance, you could opt for respite care, which provides temporary relief when you are unavailable, or hire a home health aide to come in a few hours each day to help with activities of daily living.

    While these services come at a cost, they can often be less expensive than nursing home care. As the population of seniors continues to grow, it is important to consider all options for care. For many families, keeping their elderly loved ones at home is the best option, both financially and emotionally.

  5. 5. They Can Receive One-On-One Care And Attention

    As people age, they may need more help with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and eating. In addition, they may need help with transportation, medication reminders, and other tasks. These kinds of challenges require a customized approach that meets the needs of the individual senior.

    Nursing home staff are often spread thin, making it difficult to provide quality one-on-one care. Your loved one would be one of many patients receiving care from whichever staff member is available at the time. When your loved one receives in-home care services, they will have a caregiver who is focused solely on meeting their needs.

    Home care providers can give their full attention to each client, providing them with the best possible care. With home care, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one will always have someone there to attend to their needs, making life easier for both of you.

If you are considering keeping your aging loved one at home, reach out to the caregivers at Gallagher Home Care Services. We provide compassionate, patient-focused senior in-home care. Our in-home care specialists offer a range of affordable services like home safety, housekeeping, medication management, meal preparation, nursing care, and more. If your aging loved one would prefer to age in place, schedule a free in-home evaluation with us today.

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