shutterstock_1723848115_2jo0GfW..jpeg (shutterstock_1723848115.webp)Families often act as the primary care providers for seniors in need of assisted living. This is where respite care services come in. Respite caregivers act as a source of support for those who typically manage the care of their loved one.

At Gallagher Home Care, we’re no strangers to the hard work required to be a caregiver. Our qualified staff has decades of experience in a multitude of personal care services, including respite care, elderly companion care, and home safety.

Because of our expertise, we know that the opportunity for a short break that respite services provide to family caregivers is invaluable. In this article, we’ll convey to you exactly how.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care services are specially designed for those who rely on their family members as primary caregivers. Through respite care, these hardworking family caregivers can get reliable and quality short-term relief.

These respite care visits in Pittsburgh are completed by trained professionals who, on a planned or emergency basis, will take a short-term stay at the home of your aging parent or loved one so that you may take a much-needed break.

Assisted living is difficult for all those involved. However, it is easy for family caregivers to get forgotten along the way. Caregiving duties are nothing to scoff at, as it takes a great deal of fortitude and effort to manage the well-being of our beloved seniors. With in-home respite care, these hardworking and unpaid caregivers have the opportunity for temporary relief from these many duties.

Impacts of Constant Caregiving on the Health of Family Caregivers

Constant Care Can Contribute to Mental Health Problems

There is already a certain amount of stress that comes along with having an aging parent or older adults in your life that require in-home care. When you are also the one providing that care as the family caregiver, it can begin having detrimental impacts on your mental health.

Just a few hours of temporary relief can be the difference between quality and poor emotional responses to the tasks you have at hand. At times, surely the overwhelm of caregiving responsibilities can start to impact your daily living.

It is always your top priority to ensure that the care recipient, your loved one, is as healthy and happy as possible. Alas, sometimes the pressure of that hefty task can prevent you from taking care of yourself.

This Stress Can Extend to Your Physical Health

There are certainly mental health impacts that come alongside being a primary caregiver without reliable breaks, but that doesn't even touch on the fact that those problems can bubble up and expand into the physical realm, too.

For instance, according to the CDC, 36.7% of caregivers report getting insufficient sleep at night. Proper sleep is critical to your physical health, and a consistent lack of quality sleep can hinder one's ability to provide the best care possible to their loved ones.

In addition to that statistic, 17.6% of caregivers reported having 14 or more physically unwell days per month. These can certainly stack up, as caregiving responsibilities can often extend to physically demanding tasks.

With the assistance of respite services, one could rest easy knowing that someone is able to provide care for your loved one while you get some leisure, and finally give your body a break.

You Could Experience Burnout

According to AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving, family caregivers spend an average of 24.4 hours per week providing care. Nearly 1 in 4 caregivers spends 41 hours or more per week providing care. As many of these caregivers have a full-time job in addition to their obligation to provide care, it's no wonder how quickly burnout can be experienced.

The reason that family members often provide personal care as opposed to fully delegating this task to other caregivers is because they love their senior family member. They want to give them the best care they can and provide their loved ones with consistent companionship.

But when these family members are burnt out, this becomes impossible. The intervention of respite services can ensure that you have the ability to take some time for yourself. It will help you be reminded, through a much-needed break, that you are supporting your loved one because you truly want to.

How Respite Care at Home Can Help

Through the help of in-home respite care services, family caregivers have the opportunity to take back their lives and gain some semblance of control. But, if you aren't convinced, here are some other ways in which respite care can prove invaluable.

Fun For Your Loved One

We've mentioned that at times, you may grow fatigued of your responsibility. But, have you considered that the senior you're caring for can occasionally get sick of you? Respite care can provide planned activities and mental stimulation for your loved one.

Seniors need friends too, after all! During their short-term stay, respite care workers will use all possible resources to foster an enjoyable time and provide strong companionship.

Flexible Scheduling

Sometimes, emergencies pop up. Taking advantage of respite care services can greatly help you manage these emergencies when they make themselves apparent. Once you find respite services in Pittsburgh that work for you and your schedule, you can be sure that you're backed with quality support and assistance even in tough times.

Assistance With Chores and Household Tasks

If you balance caregiving with another job or have simply been going through a difficult patch, sometimes household duties can pile up. Respite care workers aren't there to judge- they're there to help.

Whether it's laundry, dishes, grooming, or other personal care, a respite caregiver is there to assist you and your loved ones in any way that they can. While you rest, know that the best care possible is being administered.

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